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The South Indian Community of Delhi as far back as 1950 felt the necessity to have a temple in the National Capital for the benefit of resident devotees of New Delhi to have a place to do Poojas , rituals and rites in their traditional manner. To this end, certain Philanthropists and Citizens of Delhi formed themselves into a Committee known as SREE VINAYAKA MANDIR COMMITTEE


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Dear Devotees,
Om Shree Ganeshaya namah.
Hope you all had Witnessed Kumbabhishekam and had Darshan of Lords and newly renovated and revamped Sannadhis.
Now since the long waited Kumbhabhishekam has concluded, it's now time for Mandalabhishekam . Mandalabhishekam will be performed for around 45 -48 days. Infact the Kumbabhishekam process will conclude only after Mandalabhishekam. It's very special occasion which one gets a chance to be associated with once in 12 years only
During Mandalabhishekam the Abhishekam will be performed to deities with Cow milk and sandal wood paste only. No other ingredients will be used. Shiv Parivar Abhishekam will be performed in the evening around 5.30 pm including Pradosham day.
Devotees are requested to take part in the Mandalabhishekam of Lord Vinayaka, Anjaneya, Navagraha and Omkareshwar.
Following is the Seva rates for Mandalabhishekam.
1. For all deities ₹.3000/-
2. Vinayaka ₹.750/-
3. Anjaneya ₹.750/-
4. Navagraha (all nine griha) ₹. 1500/-
5. One Griha ₹.750/-
6. shiv Parivar ₹.750/-
Devotees may book Mandalabhishekam on their Janma nakshatra days also during these 45 days
May Lord Vinayaka bless you all.

June 2023

  • 01 Thu: Pradosham
  • 03 Sat: Pournami
  • 07 Wed: Krishna Chaturthi
  • 11 Sun:Mahanyasa Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam
  • 15 Thu: Pradosham
  • 22 Thu: Shukla Chaturthi
  • 27 Tue: Hastham
  • (above sevas can be booked thru online seva booking system)

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The Maharudram Book is now being published in four languages - Sanskrit, Tamil, Kannada and English. To obtain the book by courier, anywhere in India, you are advised to log on to our Online Seva booking system and order.


Here you can find dates and schedule off all the important events, functions and celebrations that take place in the temple, for the Tamil year

SHOBAKRUTHU - 14-04-2023 TO 14-04-2024

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Contact US

Address: Sree Vinayaka Mandir Marg, AB Block, Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi - 110023, INDIA
Phone: 91-93114 63332
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